“Postecoglou wants to keep him” – Reporter gives exciting Player update

During Ange Postecoglou’s first press conference, the new Celtic gaffer gave an indication on where he see’s Celtic misfit striker, Leigh Griffiths’ future.

The former Scotland striker’s contract is up at the end of the month and early indications are that Ange sees a future for the hitman at Celtic Park.

The only unknown is what type of contract Griffiths will be offered. Griffiths is reportedly on £15,000 per week at Paradise and reporter Mark Guidi reckons that if he is offered a contract it certainly won’t be on the current terms as it stands.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Guidi said, “His contracts up next week. He’s had conversations with Postecoglou. The indication seems to be, reading between the lines, but it looks to me as though Postecoglou want’s to keep him or he’s been advised to keep him.

“But I suspect that he will not be kept on, on the current contract that’s due to kick in. I think it will be on reduced terms with more of an emphasis on appearance. I suspect that the case, I mean reading between the lines, I suspect that’s the case.”

It is fair to say that the ball is firmly in Celtic’s court here and there is a general school of thought that an incentive based contract would be the way forward for Griffiths in order to keep him sharp and focused for the season ahead.

One thing is for certain though. Postecoglou came across as a fair but hard task master and if he has a sniff of any doubt in his head about Griffiths and his commitment, he will be shown the door.

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