Postecoglou reveals supporters whipping boy’s important role in the Parkhead dressing room.

As Ange Postecoglou addressed the Fan Media press conference yesterday, what struck me was how this guy from Australia absolutely, 100% gets this club.

From talking about Tommy Burns, Bertie Auld, the history of the club and it’s importance to his role, Ange not only speaks like a true Celtic gaffer, he talks like a supporter as well.

It’s not his knowledge of the club that’s amazing. It’s his ability to appreciate and understand the privilege he has of leading this great club.

But also came across was his priority in making new signings feel part of it. Making them feel welcomed as part of the club to build team cohesion and so that these same players understand the importance of wearing the famous green and white hoops.

Ange understands the importance of creating a certain culture in the Paradise dressing room and in his conference yesterday, highlighted an important role one player is playing in the Celtic Park dressing room, “Twelve new players arrive in a dressing room. Quite significant personalities and characters had left the dressing room so you kind of know there’s there’s going to be some trepidation there amongst the players as to how quickly they gel and they get to know one another.

Same with the staff. I walked in on my own without additional staff but they still have to get to know me and, obviously I’m in a significant position here and I’m sure that they tread warily around me until they got to know me.

I think what’s been pleasing is that the players and staff have embraced that challenge in trying to gel as quickly as possible. It’s hard being thrown together as strangers to do that, but there’s been a common purpose there.

And then obviously, Cal’s been a big part of that. Him being the leader in the dressing room in particular, just making sure that all the new players settle as quickly as possible, feel comfortable, create the right environment in the dressing room, where it’s not just about obviously we’re coming here to be driven and ambitious, but also to to understand that we need to rely on each other.

“And we’ve brought in some more senior players, Joe Hart, and even guys like Niro Biton and Tommy Rogic, who have been here a while. Those kinds of people are really important to creating that.”

‘Niro’ Biton. The player that has lately become the latest whipping boy, alongside Mikey Johnston, with the Parkhead support has been given special mention by the boss about the role he plays behind the scenes.

With Biton much improved over the last few fixtures, maybe now the fans will lay off him as he proves his true value on and off the field.

One thought on “Postecoglou reveals supporters whipping boy’s important role in the Parkhead dressing room.”

  1. Nir Bitton is at last getting to play in the position that suits him best. Ange has him deep in midfield and he has been solid. His reading of the game and his passing are bringing solidity to the midfield. This is his position. He needs to stay there, unless he needs a rest.

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