Popular podcast damns the board and direction of the club

4 Tims and Podcast has been running for just over two years now and have covered a variety of topics covering Celtic Football Club.

In this episode the boys are talking about issues the fans have with the board, Dom McKay and where the club moves forward in terms of it structure and Andy was very focal with the issues he believes are at the heart of the Dom McKay debacle, “I know a lot of fans still have a problem with the board.

They think they don’t want to push the club forward or want to modernise the club and there’s been plenty examples over the last sort of 15 years and I don’t blame anybody who’s got that image of the board in their mind. I probably agree with that as well.

“The one that worries me is I know Ange was out yesterday and it was my post match press conference just saying not really wanting it said that it was McKay that brought him to Celtic.

But the thing is McKay was probably working with Ange to identify a director of football, from what you’ve been told or some sort of technical director so the fact we don’t have that in is a worry.

The background structure of the club is one that has always been a concern for the fans, especially as there is no head of recruitment and now no CEO.

The club need to sort out these issues as soon as possible as the board are now starting to look like an amateurish outfit the longer this shambles continues.

2 thoughts on “Popular podcast damns the board and direction of the club”

  1. To be fair that podcast does not reflect the sentiment of all the supporters. If McKay wasn’t the right man for the job then the board has done the right thing by ending it quickly after the transfer window closed. It’s called good management.

    1. Yeah it’s all about opinions and from what I see around most Celtic social media platforms is that many fans do feel the same. All about opinions my friend

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