Popular Celtic Podcaster Calls Out Michael Stewart’s Ridiculous “Yellow And A Half” Stance On Turnbull Tackle

The debate over the severity of Alan Power’s tackle on David Turnbull over the weekend has caused more of a stir than the actual tackle itself.

As many pundits like Alex Rae, Mark Wilson and Michael Stewart claimed it was a yellow, the boys at The Celtic Exchange Podcast focused on Michael Stewarts take.

On BBC Sportsound, Stewart made a ridiculous claim that the tackle was a “yellow and half”. When I heard that I was thinking what the hell is he on about?

The tackle was dangerous, reckless and if it was executed with the intent it was meant for, would have caused serious damage to Turnbull.

As Miff, Paddy and James discussed the flashpoint, James went on a full on rant regarding the media’s take and stance on these types of tackles, “I think there’s a further point as well. So Willie Collum has applied the rules here, so if you’re going to bring that type of game to us and the rules are applied, then that’s absolutely fine.

There’s a responsibility in the media where guys are hiding away from this or it’s yellow and a half and all this absolute nonsense.

That’s a red card in any league in the world. And if the media is trying to defend that or trying to say that’s just our game, then what game do we have?

What kind of football do we want? The rules are there. Look at that referee we had on Thursday night against Alkmaar.

Just applied the rules really fairly, it kept the game flowing. Called things out that need to be called. Didn’t mess about.

That’s what we want to see in Scottish Football. But between the referees and the media, they are trying to make the game less than it should be.

James and the boys made some outstanding points and they are 100% bang on the money. The media MUST call out these ludicrous challenges. Whether or not full contact was made, that tackle was a career ender.

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