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Podcaster calls out red top ‘hack’ for trying to unsettle Celtic star

Being a successful club side, Celtic will always have their manager an players linked to other clubs.

It’s just the way of the world and it should be welcomed.

Because if they were not linked, it would mean we are not being successful and we are not winning trophies.

Very simple and straightforward.

But when stories are being ‘manufactured’ to make it look like a player wants out, then that’s where the line needs to be drawn.

Just like in the case of Liel Abada and how it was suggested that his national manager offered a reason for the Israeli not wanting to sign a new deal:

“Liel Abada plays in a team that are the champions of Scotland and at least he is in the rotation of the squad.

“It’s not as if he has disappeared or does not get on from the bench. And his numbers are good too.

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“He may not be playing as much as last season, but he is still playing.

“Maybe his situation is because he didn’t want to extend his contract, but he is still in the squad and being rotated.”

Wait, so he never said that he didn’t want to sign a new contract? Then why did the media suggest otherwise? Bizarre.

But not to podcaster, Liam Carrigan.

Speaking on A Celtic State of Mind, Liam said, “The story of Abada’s national manager apparently making noises about well, you know he’s got to think about his international career or whatever.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think from looking into it today, that story originated from the same sources as a very, very similar story a few months ago with the Greece manager allegedly making noises about Giakoumakis.

Now the thing is, I saw no direct quote from the Greece manager then, and I see no direct quotes from Israel’s manager now.

Now again, am I being cynical? I don’t know.

But if you’re a hack working for a particular redtop you’re gonna think well, I managed to unsettle one player with this strategy. Let’s try it again.”

The media trying to unsettle a Celtic player when we are dominating Scottish football? Surely not?

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