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PLZ Soccers Juranovic valuation conversation will make your eyes bleed

My God. I watch a lot of podcasts right and there are a lot of times I wonder about the conversations that go on in them.

Most of the times, the podcast host speak a lot of sense and so do those on their panel but this time, on this occasion, this was like the Keystone Coppers of transfer talk.

And the source of this painful discussion? PLZ Soccer.

The pundits of Peter Martin, Alan Rough, Alison McConell and Tam McManus were all discussing Juranovic when the topic of his valuation came up.

Host Peter Martin asked Tam McManus how much does he think Celtic could receive for the right back the new Ibrox News columnist (yep, that’s right), “Eight to 10 [million].”

Martin said, “Eight to 10 million? I think they may get a few more quid than that. I think they might get £15m for him Roughie”

Alan Rough said, “Again it depends. It depends on the team doesn’t it? It depends who it is. I think if it’s a Championship team in England or even a Premiership team. You’re talking £15m.”

A Championship team? For a World Cup semi finalist? FFS.

Martin: “Yeah. He’s not going to a championship team,”

Thank you!

Alison McConnell: “Athletico Madrid and a couple of English Premier League sides.”

Martin: “Yeah, I think they might between £10 and £15m for him.”

And he’s back down to dafty level.

McGinlay (who seemed to be the only one talking sense here): “They’ll be absolutely expecting minimum that. Minimum. I think they’ll set the bar.

Martin: “Okay, let’s see who’s gonna get egg on their face. (It’s too late for that) Give us a figure. I’ll go £14m Roughie.”

Rough: “I’ll go £12m.”

McConnel: “I’ll go higher than £15m. Somewhere between £15 and £20m.

Very sensible from Alison.

McManus (who is vying for the Charlie Adam Player Valuation Crown): “I’ll go £11.2m plus add ons.”

Martin: “You’ve just said eight.”

McManus: “I said £8-£10m. I’ll go £11.2m plus add ons.”

It was a painful conversation to watch, never mind listen to.

And where the hell is McManus getting his valuation from? He’s trying his damndest to sound clever but just comes off like one of those rambling drunks you can’t get away from in the pub.

I want Jura sold as quickly as possible if it means not having to listen to that kind of inane drivel again.

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