Celtic Park

“Play the same way against Celtic and it will be another 3-0 by HT”, “If we play like that Monday, I fear for the outcome” – Reality bites on Follow Follow as Sevco flounder on

Yeah, they won 3-0 and yeah, the score line looks great for them but I listened to the first fifteen minutes of the game before the Celtic game kicked off and they were tragic.

Motherwell had them on the ropes. Three corners in ten minutes and a possible penalty claim that the BBC commentators thought should have been awarded, Michael Beale’s revolution certainly has been a stuttering wreck.

3-0 flattered them. Make no mistake. Their fans may be brain dead and still live in the 1690’s but anyone that watches football will tell you that they have struggled big time to pull some results out the bag.

And those poor chaps over at Follow Follow know it as well.

Even their matchday thread tells you all you need to know.

But it was on Beale’s interview that really brought out the honesty about their team. The sheer reality that when they come up against us, playing how they have played in their last three games, they are going to be taught a lesson.

And a serious one at that.

Our performance against Hibs is as good as an away performance since the 9-0 demolition of Dundee United.

And many of ‘them’ know it and are dreading the inevitable on Monday afternoon:

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