Piers Morgan is fuming with Celtic fans as his anti-monarchy clip goes viral

What a time to be a Celtic fan. As of ending Rangers season whilst hunting for a world record eighth domestic treble wasn’t good enough, we’ve only gone and p*ssed off Piers Morgan. Again!

The trash talking journalist is absolutely fuming with the Celtic fans for their anti-monarchy chant at Hampden on Sunday afternoon.

Have a look at this:

And you have to say, if you’ve got someone like Piers Morgan angry at you, you know you’re on the right side of the fight.

Morgan who is famed for lecivious practices surrounding hacking people’s phones after they have passed away is also a good friend to the Royals.

He’s also been up close and personal with the likes of Jimmy Saville, Harvey Weinstein, Gary Glitter and Ralph Harris.

So I will not be taking any lessons in morality from that personality vacuum.

Keep up the outstanding work Celtic fans!


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