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Peter Martin highlights Brendan Rodgers European contradiction as the media knock Ange’s suitability for Spurs job

Right, I want to get this straight from the off. This article is a pop at the media in Scotland and how they use the available jobs in England to try and get rid of Ange and how they use the same thing to knock his credibility too. I DO NOT WANT ANGE TO BE PUT FORWARD, NEVER MIND TAKE, THE SPURS JOB!!

Now that’s out the way, bear with me.

We all know that whenever a job comes up in the EPL the very first name the Scottish media link to it is Ange. It’s like clockwork.

And it’s getting boring.

But what they also do when they do this is open the Celtic manager and our club to criticism from all the usual quarters when they say that the quality of the league is poor and Ange won’t get a job like that just by beating Rangers and winning the league.

They also like to spin the narrative that to get noticed as a manager, Ange needs to do the business in Europe as well.

And Tam McManus made that exact same point which Peter Martin rubbished.

Speaking on PLZ, Martin said, “It’s a strange situation as it contradicts the whole situation as he [Rodgers] got the Leicester job because he thought that was the right time to get out.

He didn’t see another way so he jumped and he suffered the wrath of the Celtic fans.

But he moved to Leicester, who had a huge budget initially, but he went to Leicester with a dreadful European record for Celtic.

He couldn’t get a trick out of them.”

Look, I am defending Ange’s abilities here. I am sick fed up of people telling us what he is achieving at Celtic doesn’t matter because his first real crack at Europe didn’t come off.

I cannot wait to see how we fare in Europe next season now Ange has a settled side. I think big things are coming for us.

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