Passion & Trolling. The brilliant Postecoglou and Kyogo video’s that went under the radar

Yesterday’s performance and result at Dens Park has been, rightfully, lauded by the fans.

The media? They were too busy focusing on the minute’s silence and tennis balls to even take notice.

I’ll write about those later, but what I want to focus on is the team.

And there were two brilliant videos published yesterday that slightly went unnoticed and just show you the true class of Celtic gaffer Ange Postecoglou and striker, Kyogo Furuhashi.

Furuhashi was on point yesterday adding another two goals to his tally but the one that really made Kyogo react the way he did when he scored it was his headed goal.

For Kyogo to have this reaction, he must have been getting ribbed in the game for his size because this is a superb way to shut down the critics:

Outstanding from the Celtic striker and I bet whichever player it was aimed had wished he just kept his mouth shut!

The next video of Ange, is classic Ange.

Going to the supporters.

He loves it. He get’s it.

The club is in his blood!

There is not further commentary needed except, enjoy this and appreciate the fact we have a manager that appreciates the fans and the club he is at:

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