“Painful to look at” – Celtic fans brilliant reaction to Rangers TIFO

Celtic fans love a great TIFO right? And it is fair to say that they are experts at making, organising and controlling a brilliant TIFO display.

Who can forget the famous 125 year anniversary the night we faced Barcelona at Celtic Park?

Or the brilliant tribute to the Lisbon Lions?

Or the “This is Paradise” display?

And, lest we forget, the iconic Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse when *Rangers died.

All fantastic works of art. All the hallmarks of genius. And there are many more examples of these.

But last night, the Rangers fans displayed their own and it was, well, different. It was held aloft prior to kick off in their Europa League match against Brondby.

Not good different, but terrible different. It was so bad, I still can’t work out what the hell it is.

And neither could the Celtic fans. Here it is:

I’ve looked at least ten times and still can’t work it out?

Celtic fans on twitter tried to work it out and even Rangers own fans couldn’t tell what it was.

An absolutely hideous concoction and the Hoops fans where not shy in telling the Ibrox fans just that:

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