Outstanding response from Tommy Burns’ son shows class runs in the family

Anyone that is a regular reader of this site will have seen the amount of coverage I have given to the sickening video of the Rangers fans singing about Celtic legend Tommy Burns.

I have no words to describe how I felt about hearing those fans chanting about a man that showed nothing but love and compassion for not only the Celtic fans, but for all.

It was one of the reasons that Rangers legend Walter Smith grew a close bond and friendship with Tommy.

He was extremely close to the whole family and he would be saddened to see that the club he loves be dragged into the gutter with the sewer rats that took part in that song.

But, for all the negativity that surrounded the story, there was a classy response via twitter from Tommy’s son, Jonathan.

It was simple tweet and rather than be bitter or come out swinging (and who could blame him?) he simply said:

Simple. Classy and dignified.

Just like his dad would have dealt with it.

I hope those fans that sang that song see this. I hope those fans that sang that song regret their actions. But knowing the history that section of fans have, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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