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“Our support is packed with morons”, “Whoever asked that is a weapon” – Fans react to the hard-hitting questions at Sevco AGM

Dear Lord. Here we have another one.

It’s little wonder the club we all know as The Rangers International Football Club was run like a basket of frogs.

When you have donkey’s pulling the cart…….

GvB was meant to be the upgrade on Gerrard the Rangers fans wanted. With the Dutch master in charge, there should have been a raft of signings being tied up by Gio.

After all, he has contacts at Barcelona, all of La Liga and the whole Dutch Eredivisie were all lining up to give him the players he needed to topple Ange Postecoglou right?

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Well, that’s what we were being told when he signed.

So why didn’t he sign these players? Why didn’t he get money to invest? That’s the sort of question you would expect the fans to ask at their AGM right?

Well, sort of. This guy brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘going Dutch’:

I mean where to even start? Let’s just start at the obvious. What I would have asked was ‘Why did all the players brought in by GvB turn out to be absolute dug meat?’.

That’s the question I would have been looking for answers to. A question that would have heaped pressure on Ross Wilson who stands long accused of bringing dross to the club.

But maybe that’s why they will always remain in our shadow. Their inability to engage any kind of critical thinking is brilliant:

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