“One of my concerns” – January transfer priority identified as Europe beckons

I think this is something that all Celtic fans, deep down, know is a major concern.

The fact that this problem area was solved in the summer was more of a relief than a celebration that Celtic have actually conducted a bit of brilliant business.

I am, of course, talking about the goalkeeper situation.

Even when Joe Hart signed for Celtic, the magnitude of that move was overshadowed by the fact that the fans were just relieved that Ange Postecoglou had dropped any serious notion of going into this season with Barkas as his number one.

But as the season has been progressing, the Celtic fans slowly but surely cam to the realisation that Hart was damn good signing and a masterstroke by the manager.

Not just because he is, quite clearly, a very good goalkeeper, but also what he brings to the backline. Leadership.

But, and hopefully we never know the answer to this question, what if something happened to Hart?

What would Celtic do then?

That was the question raised by Paul John Dykes in the A Celtic State of Mind podcast as he spoke of his fear of such a scenario occurring, “One of my concerns moving into January, is should and let’s hope and touch and touch wood here, should there be an injury to someone like Joe Hart, I’m not confident in any of the goalkeepers.

I’m not being harsh on the younger goalies who have sat on the bench because you want to see that. You want to see them getting bled into the team.

I’m not sure what’s happened with Conor Hazard since he singed his new deal after the Scottish Cup Final.

Bain and Barkas, I wouldn’t be confident.

Imagine us progressing, let’s say best case scenario, we progress in the Europa League, because it’s possible.

And we come up against a right good side in the next next phase of that and you’re going to that game I would not be confident with Scott Bain, who I think is currently the backup.

I think he’s classed as a backup. I wouldn’t be confident at all with him going into any any game really but certainly not a big game.”

With Fraser Forster rumoured to getting released from Southampton, is it time to ask that question again?

Because when you look at the serious lack of options we have, that has the potential to become a major worry for the Celtic fans.

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