“Oh my God!”, “Worth £20m” – Sevco calculator is out again as Newcastle ‘snub’ wee Alfie

Brilliant isn’t it?

After all that speculation that Newcastle ‘had their sights’ on wee Alfie, they only go and blow their mega millions on a 30 year old striker from Burnley.

But hold on! I thought the Colombian Maradona was going to The Toon for £20m again? Or was it £40? Ach who knows, he’s been linked more than than a Mathesons sausage it’s so hard to keep up these days.

But you know what the best part of Chris Wood’s transfer to Newcastle is? The Sevco implosion and their unbelievable fascination with selling their players to the highest bidder.

Whenever Celtic are linked to selling one of their top stars, the last thing on my mind is to work out how much we should sell him for. My priority is, and always will be, how do we keep him?

Not for these guys because they see £20m on a 30 year old striker as a sign that they should get more for a 25 year old ned with less than 18 months left on the clock.

And the reaction by the Ibrox sides fans was brilliant. Have a look:

And I’m not even putting on the one where a Sevco fan said £30m+ for him. I wan’t this blog to remain credible.

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