“Nowhere near first team”, “As much use as double vaccine”, “Hopeless” – Celtic fans have a new whipping boy

The Celtic fans are in no mood to suffer any excuses after last nights draw with St Mirren. And I am in no mood to offer them.

But what I will do though is offer my opinion on the treatment one player is on the receiving end of and it doesn’t sit right with me.

Whatever you think of young Mikey Johnston, the amount of vitriol and abuse aimed at a young lad trying to forge a career at Celtic after two lengthy spells on the sidelines is out of order.

Since he has come back into the reckoning, he has been a bit part player at most, only getting serious run out since Jota got injured.

Last night, he was the only one offering anything up front (until Juranovic came on) but still he receives a battering from the fans for not being good enough.

It is poor behaviour and people need to start supporting the lad rather than lambast him. Although that was lost on some of these fans:

But I will leave you with one voice of reason:

Don’t forget, he’s only 22 years old. Ralston, Christie and McGregor didn’t start delivering until their twenties.

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