“Not good enough” Chris Sutton slams Gerrard narrative and makes Rangers referee jibe

Got to love the big man.

Whilst the Scottish, and English, sickeningly fawn over the ‘brilliant’ job Gerrard supposedly done on Glasgow’s south side, former Celtic striker, Chris Sutton hit home with a few hard cold truths about his three and a half year tenure.

Speaking on BT Scottish Football Extra show, Sutton was not holding back and cheekily pointed out who Gerrard’s first three signings should be, “Steven Gerrard had the backing, Dave King was a big ally and backed him financially.

“Rangers have spent a fortune under Gerrard, you can’t get away from that fact.

“He has improved the squad, respectability in Europe has been a big deal.

“But over the whole piece, Gerrard could have done a much better job at Rangers.

“I think he will recognise and realise that. One trophy out of nine hasn’t been good enough.

“He improved Rangers but you’ve got to say he’s left them in the lurch.”

“Do you think it’ll disappoint Gerrard that he couldn’t take Beaton, Madden and Robertson down south?”

Sutton is the only pundit brave enough to put his head above the parapet to challenge this ridiculous narrative that somehow Gerrard’s time in Scotland was a success.

Yes. He stopped the ten. And fair play to him for that, but is one trophy in nine really a bar that should be set when measure success as a manager of either the Glasgow clubs?

It certainly wouldn’t be for Celtic, and that is where we have have very different levels.

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