“Not even hiding it anymore”, “Obvious cheating” – One Beaton talking point has Celtic fans speechless and it’s not the penalty

That penalty has certainly caused a stir. On the 86th minute, Ryan Porteous clumsily stuck out his leg as Ryan Kent was striding forward into the box and as the Hibs defender tried to pull his leg out of the way, the deftest of touches was enough to bring down the Rangers forward in the box.

Nails to the mast? It was a penalty for me. No question. Soft, but it was still a penalty. Put it this way. If that happened to a Celtic player, we would all have been screaming for it.

But there was one moment in the match that sent the Celtic fans tongues wagging and it was, rather strangely, his decision to award Rangers a throw in from a Hibs foul throw?

Well, at least I think that’s what it was.

It certainly seems that way but who knows but it did set the cat amongst Beaton’s pigeons when the Celtic supporters reacted to it:

No matter what he does, every single decision given by the whistler will always be viewed with suspicion by the Celtic fans ever since he was photographed drinking in a Rangers bar after a Glasgow Derby.

There is an obvious solution to this, of course, and that is to take Beaton off any future games involving both Glasgow clubs but that would mean the SFA would need to do something sensible. So don’t hold your breath.


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