“No wonder Gerrard dipped at the first opportunity” – Rangers fans shamefully obliterate Everyone Anyone campaign

A small minority they say. But that small minority has got one helluva voice.

After having their stands shut down for racist singing in last seasons Europa League, you would think the fans would learn their lesson.

Even after the racist abuse of their own player by Ondrej Kudela, and the uproar that caused, you would then think that the penny would drop. You would think wrong.

After all that, we have had Celtic’s very own Kyogo Furuhashi subjected to shameful racist abuse on a Rangers supporters bus and even then we were told that it was just a few idiots on a bus full of fans.

Well, how are they going to explain this one away?

Twitter account Fitba Culture posted a photo of a group of Rangers fans posing with a banner saying, “We only kneel for our Queen. All Lives Matter. Rangers Intercity Firm”

And to be fair to the Rangers fans responding to it, it did seem as though it was being roundly condemned by them.

Not only have they embarrassed their club and country, they have lost any moral high ground that they had over Sparta Prague when their own fans do not believe in standing up for this cause. I wonder what Kamara thinks of this.

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