“No the brightest” , “He took the bait” – Tom English laid out after attacks on Celtic fans

What a wonderful world we live in.

One were Celtic fan media do the work of the journalists and those same hacks take exception of it.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times The Daily Record, The Sun and A.N. Other SMSM outlet has jumped on the back of something I’ve written and they give no credit for it. But that is how they work.

They use us when it suits, and lambast us when it doesn’t.

It’s par for the course. They play using a different set of rules and that’s fine. But when they play the game of using their social media accounts to try and encourage a pile on, that is when they are found wanting.

Because Celtic fans are not daft. They see through the mud that mainstream journo’s sling. That’s why site’s like mine, Vital Celtic, The Celtic Blog and Videocelts, Celts are Here and 67 Hail Hail are thriving. As are many others.

This morning, English went on the attack with a tweet aimed at the Celtic fans, where Tom missed the ironic joke the fans were playing yesterday with Nathen Patterson’s transfer and the other, at a Celtic blogger which we’ll get to in a bit later today.

The fan tweet:

And when the BBC journo was informed of his error, he doubled down:

Quite why a Chief Sportswriter feels the need to get involved in this is baffling anyway, but to then not admit the error of your ways is just churlish, and these Celtic fans let him know it:

Pretty much sums up the rugger guy tbf.

2 thoughts on ““No the brightest” , “He took the bait” – Tom English laid out after attacks on Celtic fans”

  1. The forums & blogs you mentioned are pretty much the only place I go to for my Celtic news. However, whether it was by choice or accident, I’m delighted you omitted “The Celtic Bhoys” & “The Celtic Way”, as these are imposters (Huns in disguise) and should be exposed as such.

    Keep the Green Flag Flying High🍀🇮🇪🍀🇮🇪


    1. Hi mate. The omission was 100% intentional. Especially The Celtic Bhoys who basically just copy and paste all news from other Celtic bloggers, including my own site, and try and pass it off as their own. HH and thanks for reading.

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