No loyalty as Follow Follow turns on club legend

We’ve all seen the media coverage this morning of Mark Hateley as he releases his new book, Hitting the Mark.

Many of you will be wondering why I am covering this and to be honest, anything for a laugh when it comes to the Ibrox support is fair game but what I quickly realised is that those fans bear no loyalty to anyone, past or present.

We saw it by the bucketload when Steven Gerrard jumped ship at his first opportunity when he took the Aston Villa job. The abuse he took from his own fans when he left was just sublime. Now I am well aware of the abuse Brendan Rodgers took when he left for Leicester City so I am not gloating here.

But, just imagine if a player who had helped clinch nine in a row for us had released a book and it was lambasted on a fans forum, that would be wrong, right?

Not to the lads at Follow Follow. One has even accused their legendary striker of being a press leak! 218 appearances and 112 goals. And this is how they remember him:

But the best one is this one but it left out one fundamental fact:

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One thought on “No loyalty as Follow Follow turns on club legend”

  1. They really are wonderfuly paranoid. An anomaly even in surealism. I do love their angst.

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