It really was just a matter of time. After all the furore of Rangers title rampage in Glasgow City Centre, videos of racist singing, anti Catholic rhetoric and the title party thrown by Rangers* at Ibrox where players where (we have to now say allegedly) singing sectarian songs to Sweet Caroline, the great cover up and whataboutery is in full swing.

Not long after the video of Rangers* players allegedly singing “F*CK the Pope” to the lyrics of Sweet Caroline, Police Scotland issued a statement telling the world that they would be investigating the video.

Rangers* immediately questioned the authenticity of the video and their fans claimed it was faked, even although it was streamed live at the time, it seems now that Police Scotland have concluded their investigation. Their verdict? Move along, nothing to see here!

In a single tweet, Police Scotland said, “In relation to a video circulating on social media showing Rangers players allegedly using sectarian language on Saturday 15 May, extensive enquiries have been carried out and no criminality has been established.”

Now, the video is real and strangely not fabricated like the Govan club suggests, of that there is no doubt so what were they singing?

But, and here’s the kicker, was holding a party indoors and serving alcohol, with no face masks and zero social distancing not criminality?

Clear government guidelines were broken, just like they were in March but as per usual, blind eyes were turned. Sevco do have to have the answers, it’s just a pity Police Scotland asked the wrong questions.


  1. It’s a bloody joke. Let’s go to a court under oath. I’m sick of police scotland backing this lot. They are supposed to protect all of scotland first and foremost. we must question this !

    1. That decision is up there with the not proven decision on the hearts supporter that attacked Neil Lennon at the edge of the pitch, live on sky sports. You obviously don’t see the truth through blue eyes, Scotland, still the best wee bigoted country in the world, Scotland, a land of one kkkulture.

  2. Surprise Surprise police Scotland extensive enquiries, would we get the same response if it was another club? I doubt it. This club players and supporters are above the law. So don’t be surprised if they get away with more in the future

  3. It’s an absolute disgrace that Rangers players and supporters get away with this every time.
    There needs to be a independent investigation in to these videos as we can see the police are in cahoots with Rangers.
    These things will be covered up everytime.
    The so called government need to act on this, as well.
    Or it will get sweated under the carpet.

  4. We can’t be at all surprised that orangemen have shown leniency towards an orange club! Disgraceful.

  5. Only in mason scum scotland can this happy wonder what we rat face nicola strugeon will say aswell because the video is real so lets see if the government have the bottle agaist the worse club and fans in the world for bigotry eh.

  6. I can’t understand how people are shocked at this, it was obvious there would be no action taken by police Scotland or government, they have been getting away with it for years without any repercussions so they will carry on, its not a small minority its the majority.

  7. HH Shock I am not was their not an incident after St Johnston Goalie save Penalty’s after they beat sevco again nothing done, This just for starters ,Milan game in Italy few yrs ago when Supporters were banned and there suit supporters were in again u could here bile on live Tv nothing said done about this Wee all saw the picture of off duty police officer in the middle of them but what about all the rest of the establishment ?? after all they walked with ops marched them through parts of Glasgow to where they all met up again no masked no Distancing watching fights Bigotry singing all breaking the law. This should never happen as all should have been stopped at all air-ports ferry terminals train stations road blocks after all Glasgow was still in shut down for most of the people of scotland, hh ktf

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