“No big club has a picture of the Queen on the wall” – Villa podcasters break Rangers fans on Twitter

You have to give this a listen because the transcript really doesn’t do it any justice.

This podcast came across my timeline this morning and although the highlights are only just over two minutes long, it sent the Rangers supporting twitter into meltdown.

The Villa Podcast absolutely ripped into Rangers big club assertions as they bite back at accusations that the Glasgow club are far bigger than the Govan mob.

That is an argument for them to settle on the twitter battle ground (and a read of the thread shows the pain this has caused amongst Sevconia) but the Villa boys did not hold back, “Lets get real. No big club has a picture of the Queen on the wall.

No self respecting club company, man, woman or child reveres a woman whose position as the most privileged person in the country as an accident of birth, whose entire life is a result of our uncle shagging a woman who was a professional party attendee.

And players not signing for them is obviously a big thing.

But you know how else I know Rangers aren’t a bigger club, because Steven Gerrard left Rangers to take the Aston Villa job.

Now, the guys are clearly confusing the reason why Gerrard took the job. The pull of the EPL and family was the main reasons, not because it was Villa. If Wolves came calling, lets not kid ourselves, he would have took that job as well.

But the funniest part of the pod was when one of the podcasters gave his thoughts when Gerrard signed for the Ibrox club, “To be honest, see when Steven Gerrard went up to Rangers as his first senior job, I thought, ‘What a f*cking balloon!’. What is he doing? I thought it was an impossible job!”

Have a listen below:


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