“Never. Gets. Old” – Watch Banter years return after Scottish Cup draw

Yeah, I know the draw was yesterday and I get the irony of being drawn with Barry Ferguson’s Alloa in the Scottish Cup.

But, believe it or not, that wasn’t the first thing I thought of when Alloa was drawn out the hat.

Well, actually, it was the second thing I thought of because the first thing was, ‘That’s a good draw for us.

The second thing was that video.

We all know the video. The one of the pissed up Sevco fan cutting about the Ibrox stands as his reborn club were drawing 0-0 with Alloa.

Voice breaking like a 12 year old as he sang, “Same old Alloa, always cheating!” has to be up there with one of the best memories of that time.

I mean just thinking about it. How would he know who the same old Alloa is and if he did, can he prove they are always cheating?

It is a brilliant video and one that will forever be remembered as the newco club made their struggles through the Scottish lower tiers and the expense of millions of pounds and STILL struggled to make it into the SPFL.

Ah the memories!

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