‘Neil Lennon’ twitter account draws the ire of the Celtic fans

This account has been the subject of much derision from the Celtic fans over the last few weeks.

Many Hoops twitter users believe that the Siamese Bhoy account is actually Neil Lennon whereas others reckon it’s just a brilliant parody account.

There is a strange familiarity in the language the account uses that suggests it could be the real deal and many fans are so convinced of it, that the account has a pinned tweet suggesting otherwise:

But last night, and it has since been removed, Siamese Bhoy tweeted the entire Neil Lennon honours list in an attempt to still try and prove that he was not a complete wash out as last season suggests.

“Siamese Bhoy (@siamesebhoy) tweeted at 9:49 pm on Wed, Dec 29, 2021:
5 x League Titles
4 x Scottish Cups
2 x League Cups

5 x League Titles
4 x Scottish Cups
1 x League Cup

4 x Promotions as player & manager
2 x English League Cups
Treble as player and manager, stands alone!
Won on Italians soil, stands alone!

Not bad.”

And it’s not. Absolutely. It’s an incredible resumé but the account is missing the point here.

When push came to shove and everyone could see that by November, it was time for him to go, he refused.

And in such an historic season when the time came, he had to be shoved because the damage he had already inflicted on the league was so catastrophic, the ten in a row dream died. Just like Rangers did in 2012.

Neil Lennon put his relationship with the Celtic support under immense strain with his refusal to admit his part in the failings of last season. And if it really is him behind this account, he is certainly doing himself no favours in trying to repair that damage.

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