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Neil Doncaster’s stance on pirate TV shows he is not fit for office

If ever there was a statement that proved just how out of touch Neil Doncaster is with the fans, it’s this.

Whatever your feelings on pirate TV or IPTV subscriptions are, the message that Doncaster is sending out here is confusing.

Our game is in dire need of financial backing. We don’t have a sponsor for our main cup competition, the Sky TV deal is actually worth LESS than the previous deal but SPFL Chairman Neil Doncaster chooses to focus on eradicating pirate TV subscriptions.

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Since when was that in the job remit of SPFL Chairman. His job is to make sure the Scottish game is run and promoted to benefit the clubs, not fill Sky TV’s already inflated profits. Especially when our clubs do not benefit from it.

Doncaster triumphantly announced, “Today’s announcement underlines the effectiveness of our nationwide detection and enforcement campaign, which tracks down those who try to dodge their responsibilities, by showing our games without paying for them.

“Working together with our partners at Sky, we are relentless in pursuing legal action against those who seek to show SPFL games without the proper licenses in place.

“The overwhelming majority of responsible licensees recognise the enormous benefits of showing our games on their premises and do the right thing by paying for the privilege.

It’s entirely unfair to them if others are allowed to get away without paying and today’s announcement underlines our determination to track down the license-dodgers and make them pay.”

It’s unfair that you signed off on a deal that undersold our game and then move to futher insult us by doing a job that you no business getting involved in. Could you imagine the head of the FA in England doing this?

Absolutely tinpot.

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