“Naw ah didnae” – Listen to brilliant Celtic fan caller make Alex Rae dig a hole over Hatate comments

Just last week, I wrote a piece off the back of a tweet from twitter account @TamsellicsonIII where he tweeted some brilliant audio of Alex Rae speaking about Celtic’s new signing Reo Hatate.

Well, thanks to that brilliant audio, I wrote a piece on it. And to cut to the jist of the piece, it was basically about Rae’s hypocrisy when he questioned Hatate’s versatility whilst praising Rangers new signing James Sand for being, well, versatile.

You can read about it here.

However, Rae was challenged on his comments with a brilliant Celtic fan caller. Have a listen:

Now when I heard it, I thought Alex as referring to me as the guy ‘with his wee moose’ as my blog was mentioned on the show before where I had written a piece on Hugh Keevins disrespecting Ange Postecoglou.

Turns out that was my mistake. Rae was clearly talking about Tam:

And here is a lesson for Rae. When you make a mistake. Just admit it. But he didn’t. Rae incredibly doubled down and one part of his call really made me sit up and take notice.

Rae said, “Now I’ve no seen the guy, so for me to actually make comment on any of these players is far aff the mark.”

Except that’s not strictly true tho Alex is it because here is what you actually said:

Dear me.

But hey, it’s all about opinions tho eh? Except when it’s not.

One thought on ““Naw ah didnae” – Listen to brilliant Celtic fan caller make Alex Rae dig a hole over Hatate comments”

  1. I heard that last night and immediately hoped the Celtic guy would follow up on it by reminding him of his comments when he said Hart was too old but McGregor & McLoughlin were fine. And to top it of, should’ve said that it was probably the same guy with the wee moose that also doctored *the Raijurs first team singing FTP at the end of last season, only for the Grand Master of Polis Scotland deciding there was nothing to answer.

    Lovin their pain🍀🍀🍀

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