“My biggest concern is he’ll be gone by 1st January” – ACSOM raises concerns about ‘special talent’

The thing I love most about Celtic fans is that they can spot a player.

Not just any player. That kind of player that you know is going to light up Celtic Park with brilliant football, deft touches and bits of magic that gets bums off seats.

Celtic are synonymous with that type of player.

Speaking on his A Celtic State of Mind podcast, Paul John Dykes was speaking of one such player in Filipe Jota after Celtic’s 1-1 draw with Dundee United at Celtic Park and laid out his concerns that with the Hoops current run of form and state of the club behind the scenes, the appeal of a permanent may be lost on the young winger, “I’ve watched the performance there and yes, whenever you compare players people call you a mug.

I see a lot of David Ginola in Jota. The way he plays the game, the cultured manner in which he plays it. The mazy runs. The fact that he can do it five yards from his own touch line, five yards from the oppositions touchline.

He’s a special, special talent.

But my biggest concern is Jota will be away back home, first of January.

Now, maybe not in the first of January, but we’ve got an option to buy this player and you’ve got to ask yourself why, why would he want to come?

One would hope by then, the club would have sorted out it’s internal issues and would not only become more stable, but look like a top professional club should do.

But then we all know this Celtic board. They don’t do professional.

They are amateur hour except that hour has lasted almost twelve months now.

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2 thoughts on ““My biggest concern is he’ll be gone by 1st January” – ACSOM raises concerns about ‘special talent’”

  1. Some fine players at celtic + few poor ones – the way the club has been run since Rodgers left has been an absolute disgrace – my wish is these old so called celtic men would stop slapping themselves on the back + do the decent thing , rangers died 9 yrs ago +now sevco are the strongest team in the country , when they win the league + £30mill plus – people will still buy season tickets , fools absolute fools .

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