“Most incredible fifteen minutes of my career” – Sutton reveals his best Celtic moment

The Sutton interview on Open Goal is all the talk of the Celtic blogging world this morning. And today I will cover my favourite parts of his story on the blog.

From his early days at Norwich, to his title win at Blackburn and his lows at Chelsea, Sutton opened up to the boys on the podcast with no holes barred.

But it is days at Celtic that interest me more and Sutton spoke about that famous 6-2 Glasgow Derby win at Celtic Park and THAT famous Henrik Larsson goal, “They were doing well we were going well. I mean truth is nobody expected us to beat them in the manner which we did.

That was most incredible 15 minutes, 20 minutes of my career really, I mean not just the goal. The goal is important and anybody could have scored that.

The truth is, I was actually offside I think. I was offside and that was probably the last decision which Celtic have had against Rangers.

That was the first [derby] game of the season. I wouldn’t say I was nervous but there was an atmosphere there where you knew it was, it was sort of tense. Really tense so the start’s important.

Stiliyan scores a really good controlled header, the second goal, watched it really well, albeit it he was free. Then Paul Lambert scores the third and you’re thinking, ‘God Yeah, I mean an incredible start.’

But we knew they were good as well and then I think they had a goal chalked off. You know they would get back into it.

Then Larsson scores his goal, where he jinks past four and, I mean, that’s where he was just a cut above the rest. You know how difficult that is?

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The ball is running away from you. In that situation, enormous game, an enormous moment, the balls running away and then he like scoops it over.

That’s a ridiculous skill. You’ve got to be an idiot to do that or a genius, there’s nothing in between.

I mean he could do that a lot. To have this sort of audacity to do that was just incredible.

It certainly was a piece of magic from the King of Kings and looking at Sutton’s career, including the Premier League win, to call that the best 15 minutes of all time is certainly high praise.

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