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“A leopard never changes its spots” – Peter Grant warns Rangers fans with blistering criticism of ‘disgraceful’ Morelos

Alfie is one of those Rangers players you just have no respect for.

You know the ones. The Nacho Novo‘s, Ian Ferguson’s, Andy Goram‘s and the Paul Gascoigne‘s.

Hit the links above to see just how vile these guys were.

People that show no respect to anyone outside the Rangers kultchur.

Those kind.

A person that all is about himself and f**k anybody that’s in his way. Morelos has been like that since the day he signed for them. And it’s incredible.

The Columbian has disrespected the club and the fans so much during his time I find it astonishing that they continue to come back for more every time they forgive him.

And now that his contract is in it’s final months, the disingenuous striker is starting to turn on the form in the hope that they will extend his £33k per week contract.

But former Celtic star, Peter Grant is not taken in by him.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Grant warned when asked if Rangers should deal him in or cash in, “Cash in. Cash in. I wouldn’t give him a new contract.

Not for the way he’s carried on. What is he going to do? Play the last four months of the season?

It’s not enough when you’re playing at clubs that are supposed to be challenging and trying to win things.

And the way he went on with the last manager, which was disgraceful. Not just the manager, the players, the supporters. He’s let them them down.

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So all of a sudden you think two or three good games, he offers you that and I said to you before I said, that’s my concern coming to the end the season.

He bangs a few goals in and you get sucked in again, ‘He’s maybe changed, he’s turned the corner because he works really well with the manager. You give him a longer term contract and maybe you start again next season’.

He’s done it too often. And as I said a leopard never changes its spots and I’m all for giving guys another chance, but he’s had so many chances.

Too many chances.”

I don’t know how they can cash in. The transfer window is closed and all that can be done now is run down his contract.

I, for one, hope they extend his contract. Alfie has given us all so many great laughs over the years, I would welcome more of them.

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