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More panic at Sevco? 3m new pieces of confetti released

So who wants to guess where this cash id going? Is it being trousered? Money for Beale or is there another severance package being put together?

Companies House was today notified that The Rangers Internet Football Club has put 3m new shares up for grabs.

Each share has been valued at £0.25p with the club aiming to raise £750k.

For what is anyones guess but with the recent financial results revealing that the club has lost even more millions, there does seem to be an air of panic in the Govan boardroom.

This motion means that within the last two weeks, Sevco have created 5m new shares.

This is on top of the 7.7m shares that were issued in March

Even after reporting a record turnover of over £86m last season, the basket case of a club still can’t balance the books.

With the club being on a UEFA FFP watchlist, I’m sure the beaks in Switzerland will be watching the Glasgow club through a microscopic lens after this latest announcement.

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