“More intelligence” – Former Sevco defender makes ridiculous Jota comparison

Sometimes I hear something from a pundit and think, ‘What are you on about?‘.

It’s like they know what they are saying but are either too blinded by their bias towards their own club or they just can’t admit when a Celtic player is just too good.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, former Rangers defender and now agent, Craig Moore was asked to compare Celtic’s Jota and Rangers’ Ianis Hagi when he made an outlandish statement regarding the Hoops wonder winger, “I think in terms of, and I don’t know what what both players get to say at top speed, but I get the feeling that Jota is quicker and is more a direct kind of player.

Haji for me is is probably more a player that has a little bit more intelligence in terms of that maybe that final kind of pass in the positions that he looks to take up in central areas.

Whereas Jota for me is more that player that that likes to to stay out wide and he has he has the ability to access to go inside and outside. He can cut inside and bend things in with his right foot.

But as we’ve seen also with the goal against Leverkusen in Europe he is not bad with his left foot either. So you know he’s a player that kind of has that all round game.”

Now I tend to find Moore quite a balanced pundit on that show but to say Hagi has better intelligence when it comes to the final pass is just laughable.

Hagi has twenty appearances overall this season, scoring just three and creating four.

Jota has made seventeen appearances overall, scoring EIGHT and creating SIX.

There is only one person lacking intelligence here, and it’s not Jota.


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