More Ibrox racism revealed and twitter misogyny aimed at female fan for calling it out

This is a depressing read. For two reasons. Rangers fans have all since claimed that there has been a change at Ibrox ever since the club were forced to close stands by UEFA for their anti catholic and racist singing two seasons ago.

Since then we have had well documented incidents with fans racially abusing Kyogo Furuhashi, the George Square riots and the fan group marching through Glasgow spouting their vile with, incredibly, a police escort.

Last night a prominent Rangers fan account, Rangers Fans For Change, announced that there was a racist incident at Ibrox and the abusers were challenged, quite rightly, by a female fan and what happened afterwards was just deplorable, “An incident at Saturday’s game against Hearts has been brought to our attention by one of our followers which we’d like to highlight. The person involved was a female in her early 20s who has had her season ticket for 10 years. 1/7

“There is a man who sits near her who regularly shouts sectarian and racist abuse at opposition players. On Saturday she decided to call him out on it after hearing him shout sectarian abuse. She was met with abuse from the man and two of his friends 2/7.

“Who shouted at her for several minutes, calling her names and threatening her. No one around her spoke up for her. She left the stadium in tears and doesn’t know if she’ll go back. 3/7”

She contacted the club regarding it and they told her they would call her today to discuss it. She was then contacted by them advising her it’ll now be early next week by the time they can call her. This isn’t good enough from the club, especially as there is a game tomorrow. 4/7″

“The woman is now unable to attend as she doesn’t know what reaction she’ll be met with by the men. The woman involved was brave enough to call out behaviour that brings our club into disrepute yet she is the one who left the stadium feeling like she wasn’t welcome. 5/7”

“It is no longer enough for people to remain silent when they witness this behaviour. We need to be actively anti-sectarian and anti-racist and stand up for one another if we see this happen in future. The people perpetuating bigotry should be the outcasts. 6/7

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“The club need to act swiftly and firmly to ensure that no one is made to feel unwelcome in Ibrox for calling out bigotry. 7/7”

Quite a depressing read and to be fair there were a few Rangers fans commenting on the thread condemning the behaviour of the fans.

But, and rather depressingly, there was the complete and utter fan denial, and unfortunately, misogynistic replies to the thread that leaves an extremely bad taste in the mouth:

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