Michael Stewart’s latest Sevco rant just sums up how Scottish football fans feel

It never seems to amaze me the amount of times we need to talk about Rangers and the amount of favourable decisions the Ibrox club seem to get, or don’t get for that matter.

It is quite staggering.

Now, clearly, I’m just another paranoid Celtic fan so don’t take my word for it.

Michael Stewart has now put his tuppence in as he bemoans yet another refereeing mistake that cost his side, Hearts, a chance of getting something from the match at Tynecastle.

Speaking on BBC Sportsound, Stewart sounded exasperated when he spoke about how the Edinburgh side were denied a penalty by referee Nick Walsh, “Rangers rode their luck this afternoon, there’s no doubt about it.

“All the big moments went the way of Rangers.

“This is another big moment (Goldson penalty claim). Now, for me, this isn’t a penalty. I don’t think Goldson’s doing anything wrong.

“But under the current rules, it is a penalty. It hits his hand.

“I don’t like the current rules, they need changed, but by the rules it’s a penalty.

“If VAR was to look at that, they’d give it. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

If there was ever a time that VAR is needed in the Scottish game, it is now.

But would these honest mistakes suddenly disappear or would the suspicion then turn to the man behind the screen?

One thought on “Michael Stewart’s latest Sevco rant just sums up how Scottish football fans feel”

  1. I thought both the Huns goals were offside. Kent was literally on the goal line as the ball went through his legs. The other one was an even easier decision. I switched the telly off then, match fixing in plain view.

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