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Michael Beale’s latest interview has shown he has learned nothing from Sunday

I like to think that with every mistake, comes a learn.

For example, you should never fry bacon in a pan full of butter. Naked. I learned that after the first time trying it.

You should also never test the temperature of bath water balls first. Learned that halfway through trying it.

See, I’m a learner.

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Michael Beale, however, is not.

This is his latest interview since the cup final defeat. Lets dissect it:

“With the promise that Malik Tillman has shown, with Raskin with Cantwell moving forward, there’s enough for me to be super optimistic about the future.

Tillman is heading back to Bayern in the summer because you don’t have £5m to buy him. You are so optimistic about your other two new signings you didn’t start them in the biggest game of the season. Go on……

Is it going to be plain sailing? Of course it isn’t. If I’d come in and we would have won the cup final today, would it have been everything been rosy in the future? No, we still had that work to do. So it’s my job to do that tomorrow. I don’t mind being judged on that.

You and your players had the cup won with your media interviews before the final. So how were things rosy then and not now?

But I think at this moment in time, it’s probably not the right time for me to be worrying about the greater future, it’s more what didn’t go right today in this fixture and what we got to do to fix it against Celtic because against everybody else, it seems to have been fine so far.”

Every manager of Celtic or Rangers MUST look at the greater future. Why else are you here? And if you are using what you did to beat other teams in Scotland as a barometer on how to beat us and then still be baffled as to why your gameplan didn’t work, then Jesus Christ, no one can help out.

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