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Whilst Beale plays up to the masses, the damage to his reputation could become irrepairable

Look, I get it. I understand that if you are part of the Glasgow two, you represent them in the best way possible.

Whether it be bloggers like me, or podcasters or whatever, our job is to talk up our own team, whilst picking holes in the other. It’s the nature of the beast.

But if you are the figurehead of one of the clubs, your job is to remain professional at all time.

Be confident, but humble.

Passionate, but controlled.

Defend your club, but with dignity.

And at every turn Michael Beale has failed.

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He failed to control his emotions after a simple comment from Chris Sutton.

He has failed to be humble and respectful after his comments against our ‘lucky’ gaffer, Ange Postecoglou.

He has also failed to remain professional with comments like this:

If anything, you should at least know the history of your club when speaking to the media. Even if you don’t acknowledge that your greatest rivals are the most dominant in the country, at least know which competitions you have won and when.

Because the world is watching. It’s hard to fathom that when you are in this goldfish bowl, especially if managing a club like Rangers is your first job in management.

But every word you say is picked apart by both sets of fans. Even if the media flat out fail to do their jobs properly, the fans of both sets of clubs don’t.

The only difference is, their fans love that kind of nonsense regardless whether it is factual or not. They don’t care.

But Beale should. Because other clubs are watching. Clubs that he may have his eye on in the future and if he continues down this path of pandering to the hordes of Ibrox, his reputation will be tarnished for good and no one will touch him with a bargepole.

One thought on “Whilst Beale plays up to the masses, the damage to his reputation could become irrepairable”

  1. can someone tell me, is this porno Pete Beale when he still had hair?

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