“Mea Culpa” – Stephen McGowan’s Incredible “Apology” To Celtic Fans

As the Celtic’s board’s failings are coming to a screaming realisation to not only the Celtic fans, the men in the media are now starting to backtrack and understand why the supporters where up in arms as early as last October.

Not many in the media, and fanbase for that matter, will hold their hands up and admit they were wrong to criticise the fans, but one journalist did.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Stephen McGowan ripped the Celtic board apart for their lack of foresight and planning and also tore into the Parkhead hierarchy for their complacency which has now come back to bite them tenfold as *Rangers now seem to have a stranglehold on the Scottish game.

McGowan didn’t hold back and then offered an incredible “apology” to Celtic fans, “It just feels that the chickens are coming home to roost.

“I mean, Dominic McKay, the new Chief Executive, speaks often about modernization. Celtic had the perfect opportunity to modernise when they were bestriding the Scottish game winning title after title and treble after treble.

“That was a time when they had the breathing space and the money in the bank from the Champions League campaigns under Brendan Rodgers, to go and actually invest in the club and infrastructure to get a Director of Football in who would set a certain identity and and ethos to look at new technologies for analytics and data.

“And I think when they stood still, I think, convincing themselves that because they were winning titles and trophies, they were doing fine.

“And I must be honest at the same probably we didn’t challenge them hard enough on that, football was passing them by.

“But it does feel as if every year, the vital, key cornerstone signings have been after the qualifiers.

“And you just wonder where the day will come and Celtic will experiment with a new signing policy to sign actual central defenders to play in centre defence in the biggest games of the season.

“It’s hardy radical. It’s fairly sensible, but it never seems to happen.

“I will put my hands up, I probably was one of the journalists who was critical of fans for what was perceived to be a sense of entitlement as they were incredibly angry.

“But actually you know what? Standing where they are now, mea culpa, I don’t think the fans where angry enough.”

Much of what McGowan said is true and the unusual lack of scrutiny from the press during Celtic’s period of unprecedented domination certainly didn’t help but at least he had the courage to stand up and say he was wrong.

Which in itself is a rare quality in the journalistic world but one which makes him one of the trusted journalist’s amongst the Celtic fan base.

4 thoughts on ““Mea Culpa” – Stephen McGowan’s Incredible “Apology” To Celtic Fans”

  1. Once again the board have conned us into buying season tickets with their false promises only to take our money and give us nothing but promises in return,Celtic at this moment must be the worse run football club in the world.Please wake up before the team is plying in front of poor crowds,you have been warned!

  2. I personally don’t ever listen to the likes of McGowan at any point so he needs not apologise to me. We as fans are already fully aware of our position and of our inherent ability to know what is right for our club. The noise created by these journalists are similar to the noise of Sevco – it is heard only by themselves. The rest of us are oblivious. Who are ya?

  3. Stephen McGowan is the supposed go to journalist for Celtic FC. He writes for a newspaper that actively promotes the Conservative and unionist party. So we have to
    conclude that the Celtic Board support the Daily Mail and the Tories…. Most Celtic supporters do not support them. That is a fact.
    … Its no wonder the Celtic fan base want rid of this board….. They are not on our wavelength, they never have been and never will be. The events of the last 6 months have proved they are inept, they have no connection to the fans, they take our money, take a wage and bonus and laugh. Time for them to go.. SACK THE BOARD.

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