“Maybe I should have worked harder and become an accountant”- Incredible Follow Follow pain at Celtic’s transfer business

Whoever invented the word irony deserves a medal.

Because the amount of it I have seen from our rivals across the city has been breathtaking over the last few months.

From tagging Kyogo as a cheat and a diver when they have Alfie on their books to criticising our signings when they haven’t spent money on a player in two years, that mob have taken irony to a new level that if you Googled it, a picture of Ibrox would be beside it’s definition.

Now we have a guy on Follow Follow criticising Celtic’s finances whilst wishing he should have worked harder to become an accountant.


This one is my favourite:

This next guy gets it but he is the only one in about 100 comments to. No wonder they are in trouble again:

So tell me who is obsessed now?

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