“Maybe he’s just a thick set boy” – Davie Provan breaks ranks and takes Rangers player pot shot

It’s not very often you hear Davie Provan criticise anything Rangers. Rare in fact and that’s what caught my attention about this story.

The last time I wrote about Provan he made an amazing liquidation denial claim that even I couldn’t ignore, so when I heard him even utter a small negative thought about Rangers striker, Alfredo Morelos, I just had to share it.

Not because it was funny, even though it kind of was, but he was basically stating what every Celtic fan has been saying about him for a long time now,

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Provan said, “My my concern about Morelos, and I could be completely wrong here, I think it looks a bit overweight.

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I think he looks chunky, I think it could be slimmer and fitter and faster. As a result of that.

“Listen, maybe I’m wrong, maybe he’s just at thick set boy, I’m not sure.

But to me, he looks as if it could lose a couple of pounds and it might make him even sharper.”

Morelos is overweight. For a professional football player, he is out of condition. And the problem with an out of shape football player, especially a striker, is that no one wants them.

Especially if they are moody and seemingly looking to have downed tools because they can’t get a move.

So *Rangers have a problem on their hands here.

Their star man has stopped scoring goals. Once that happens then it is not only their game that comes under scrutiny. The whole package does.

The sooner Morelos realises that the better. Or not.

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