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“I fought every week with Martin O’Neill” – Journalist reveals spats with legendary gaffer. The standards still haven’t changed

In a week where we have seen Ange Postecoglou look exasperated with the quality of journalism in Scotland, Peter Martin has revealed that he used to have regular ding dongs with the legend that is Martin O’Neill.

Speaking on the PLZ Football Show, Martin revealed, “Listen, I fought every week with Martin O’Neill.

We look at each other now each other now and he laughs his head off and we still cane each other.

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But I mean, Martin used to come in and see myself and Davie Provan in the front row of the press conference, and he was like (huffs) as if we’ve just wasted his day.”

I actually quite like Peter Martin as a journalist and pundit. To me, he’s quite straight down the line even if he does buy into the Old F*rm p*ish.

But what that does tell you is that journalism in Scotland has not moved forward in over 20 years.

There is a reason why O’Neill got exasperated with the press. Just the same as Postecoglou is now.

The journalists in Scotland are not interested in asking legitimate questions. They want a headline. Not a story.

And it creates these questions that make them look amateurish and muppet like.

If the journalists took a leaf out of fan media and just asked questions about the football instead of antagonising the Celtic manager maybe, just maybe, we will see standards of journalism rise in this country.

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