Mark Guidi wades in on hilarious Sevco transfer bingo story

This was probably the funniest story of the weekend, and it’s still only Saturday night.

When the story broke, even the headline itself must have been a giveaway that there was no substance to the story, but in true Daily Record style, they ran it caveated with a small disclaimer at the end of the article.

With a ‘fee agreed’ between Roma and Rangers of £17m for the Govan clubs midfielder, the author of the article then stated, “It remains to be seen whether there is any truth in the story, and indeed whether Steven Gerrard would be willing to lose a key man midway through the season.” which makes not only a mockery of the story, but the jouranlist as well.

Mark Guidi waded into the story on the Go Radio Football Show and said until there is something official from Rangers, he wouldn’t touch the story, “I think this story, originated from from Romania, and how reliable is it over there?

Until we something from Rangers officially or from Steven Gerrard or indeed from Jose Mourinho at Roma, then I tend not to read too much in these things.

Particularly when it comes from a players homeland. But he is a talent. There is absolutely no doubt he’s a talented footballer.

And it remains to be seen how much truth there is in that.

I mean I don’t know what valuation Rangers have on Ianis Hagi, but I don’t think it needs to be £17m.

It doesn’t even need to be £3m. Gerrard doesn’t trust the £17m man in the big games. More often than not he is benched when it comes to facing Celtic or in European.

And if Gerrard doesn’t trust him in THOSE games, why would anyone ‘agree’ to pay £17m for him?

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3 thoughts on “Mark Guidi wades in on hilarious Sevco transfer bingo story”

  1. Typical of the crap that comes out of Ibrox they see us buying low and selling high something they’ve never mastered. If Hagi is worth £17 million I’m digging my boots back out and I’m a 56 year old riddled with osteoarthritis and can hardly walk but somebody will pay at least £10 million for me by that logic.

  2. Put this . between the 1&7 and you get a true valuation of the overrated Romanians value

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