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Mark Guidi slaps down recent Ange Postecoglou rumour

Well isn’t this a turn up for the books?

A Scottish journalist actively trying to shut down an Ange Postecoglou to *insert EPL club name here* rumour.

Is it because they know Ange is not of a mind to leave the club? Or is it because they know that if they ask the same inane and stupid questions over and over again, the Celtic gaffer will have them on toast. Again.

When Frank Lampard was sacked by Everton over the weekend, you just knew that the link would be made to Ange.

It’s a damning indictment of journalism in this country when Celtic fans take to Twitter to slag them rotten for something they haven’t even written.

But that is where we are. They are desperate to see the back of Ange.

And in a rather refreshing change of narrative, Mark Guidi decided to go in a different direction.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Guidi said, “There’s four or five names.

Shaun Dyche, Marcelo Bielsa, Wayne Rooney, Davie Moyes and perhaps even Duncan Ferguson going back who’s out of a work.

Direct question, do I think it will be Ange Postecoglou? No I don’t think so.

I don’t think that he is in the top three targets for Everton and even if he was in the top three targets, I’m not sure you would leave a job like Celtic right now to go to Everton right now. “

Damn right you wouldn’t leave Celtic for a basket case like Everton.

That club has destroyed the reputations of many fine managers and Ange will not be the next one.

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