Mark Guidi reveals the Celtic/referee corruption story that launched his career

There are many reporters that are in this business that have earned a decent coin off the back of Celtic and, to a certain extent Rangers.

And generally, it would be something very controversial.

Keith Jackson earned his ‘reputation’ from the off the radar billionaire although that is one that he probably doesn’t want.

There were many others that also earned theirs off of Rangers dying as well.

But Mark Guidi revealed that it was an actual footballing story that helped to launch his career.

Speaking on the Go Radio Football Show, Guidi said, “This best one was probably the one that brought the story about the Dougie-Gate.

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The penalty kick, Dundee United v Celtic. The referee, they lied to Neil Lennon and to Celtic which ultimately caused ripples and ructions throughout the SFA.

Dougie McDonald resigned, etc, etc. So yeah, I got the story.

So that was a huge story and took a lot of digging.

It got a lot of people to trust me etc etc so yeah that was a good story.”

That was a cracker that one and it was one that proved that done nothing for the SFA and the referee’s credibility in the game when it came to Celtic.

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