Major Celtic site blasted by fans for Postecoglou ‘dressing room’ rumour

This one made for strange reading for me.

In fact let me start this one again. This was an expected unexpected article in the fact that this Celtic media site is famous for regurgitating absolute rubbish about Celtic, but I never once thought that they would run with this kind of unsubstantiated garbage.

Celtic Insider (a camouflage for the much maligned Football Insider media site) has insinuated that Celtic boss, Ange Postecoglou, has deep rooted dressing room issues that he has to deal with after the Neil Lennon fallout.

The fountain of knowledge of all things Celtic, Danny Mills, (yeah, I know) has made these claims in his latest Football Insider article when he said, “It’s difficult.

“Once that sets in, it’s very difficult to change that mindset. If that’s senior players it’s tough to change those sorts of attitudes.

“Whether that’s a personal thing with the manager then that’s a little bit easier to change. But I think Neil Lennon was well-liked.

“However that’s come about, it’s not a good thing. It makes the new manager going in even harder.

Not only do you have to get the players performing, but you’ve also got to change their attitude as well which is tough.”

Hands up if you think if Danny Mills knows he’s talking pish? Or hands up if you think Mills has the inside track and has come across a wonder scoop that not a single journalist in the land has missed?

Yeah. Talking pish right?

And these Celtic fans where quick to call him out on this:

But then, Born Celtic has highlighted many times about the validity of this ‘Celtic’ site and it’s sources. Maybe it’s time those that are signed up to the page just unsubscribe, as every hit validates their Celtic ‘stories’ and earns them revenue.

Just a thought.

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