“Mad to think they sat back & watched their club die” – Heart & Hand hounded by Celtic fans after latest mystifying Celtic tweet

These guys really should just focus on their own team. They really should.

Because every time they try to talk about Celtic, they look as dumb as they sound as the Hoops fans slap them down at every opportunity

The patter that Celtic are somehow running scared from them is beyond parody. It’s school yard banter that really embarrasses them and their support more than it does our club. And to think this an official media partner of one of Scotland’s top flight clubs.

Forgetting the fact that nine other clubs voted for the early winter shut down, I just find it absolutely bizarre that they focus on Celtic to such an extent that they are blinded to the fact that they actually WANT to play games without fans.

They WANT to have their own fans locked out even though every single one of them have paid their season ticket money.


Anyway, they tried to continue the narrative of Celtic ‘bottling it’ to face them and it’s fair to say, H&H where handed their backside by the Hoops support:

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