“Love it”, “Great Show” – Why Celtic fans loved Kane’s kicking of Carter Vickers

At the time, most Celtic fans were absolutely fuming at St Johnstone striker Chris Kane’s assault on Cameron Carter Vickers.

I know I was and was firmly expecting a red card to be shown to the Perth front man.

The referee had a shocker as he incredibly brandished a yellow for Kane AND Carter Vickers especially as he seemed to aim a punch at the American defender.

But there are some Hoops fans that loved what they saw in that flashpoint. Not the kicking or attempted punching of their player, but the reaction of Carter Vickers team mates as they all immediately rushed to his defence.

We saw this in Tuesday afternoon when Anthony Ralston squared up to the Ferencvaros player that, strangely, also kicked Kyogo when he was on the ground and this time it pleased these Hoops fans to see almost the whole team leap to Carter Vickers aid.

3 thoughts on ““Love it”, “Great Show” – Why Celtic fans loved Kane’s kicking of Carter Vickers”

  1. Got to get Celtic park a horrible place for teams to come and play against the team and the fans ..all as one hail hail

  2. Two cowardly and sleekit St Johnstone players. If their club had any dignity at all they would punish them for their actions.

    The referee was also pitifully poor yesterday. Interestingly, one of his former pupils spoke out yesterday about him being a much worse PE teacher than he is a referee. Had any of my pupils ever said that about me I would have been utterly embarrassed and ashamed. Imagine being poor at both your jobs.

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