‘Loud, LOUD boos ring out’ – Ian Bankier absolutely destroyed at Celtic AGM

Wow. I wasn’t even there but going by Celtic twitter, it wasn’t a good day for the Celtic chairman Ian Bankier.

This was an AGM that was always going to be fiery, passionate and volatile as the fans got the opportunity to sit and look the Celtic board in the eye after not only the shambles of ten in a row, Resolution 12, their handling of Neil Lennon but also the apparent appointment of Bernard Higgins to the security role at Celtic Park.

And the most telling part of the AGM was the voting down of Resolution 6 as the fans vote against the beleaguered Chairman’s reappointment.

But the most telling part of the AGM and where this proves how out of touch the board are with the fans is that appointment of Higgins.

A profoundly unpopular figure around Celtic Park, Bankier was asked about this and told an appointment like this would be a slap in the face to the fans, and Bankier’s reply was, “I’m not going to give assurances on what will be an operational matter.

“Health and safety at big arenas is a massive issue. We don’t need to recite human tragedies which have occurred over the decades.

It’s a big topic, high level, strategic, it’s not a role which polices Celtic fans.

“I’m not giving assurances one way or the other.

“When we’re ready to announce something, we will.”

It was at this point Football Scotland reported, “Loud, LOUD boos ring out.”

Three simple words sum up this board.

Out. Of. Touch.

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