Listen to Kris Boyd’s Kyogo embarrassment as Hearts pundit hits him with ‘blue tinted specs’ tag

If this was a Celtic minded pundit behaving this way on a national broadcaster, I would be mortified.

I like it when pundits show passion for the game. If a blatant mistake changes the direction of a game that causes a result to go the wrong way, then I am all for pundits reacting to that.

But as long as it is done consistently and with ALL teams. And that is something former Rangers striker and now Sky Sports pundit, Kris Boyd is incapable of doing.


Last night’s rant was easily the most embarrassing episode I have ever seen from, not just him, but any pundit.

Debating Kyogo Furuhashi’s goal and whether it was offside or not, Boyd’s moonhowling reaction to it left his co pundits, Stan Petrov and former Hearts defender, Christoph Berra speechless.

Have a listen below:

His cries of “no question” about it when the presenter of the show AND both pundits agreed it was a difficult call to make were cringeworthy.

The point of punditry to have a balanced opinion and that is something that Boys is incapable of and it should be dealt with by Sky bosses.

Surely they can’t be happy with the lack of professionalism on their show?

Or maybe it’s all about the ratings?

3 thoughts on “Listen to Kris Boyd’s Kyogo embarrassment as Hearts pundit hits him with ‘blue tinted specs’ tag”

  1. That so called pundit should never be at parkhead again he is so biased, does he ever mention all the soft penalties that rangers get,

  2. Bigot Boyd. A grown man getting upset about that! What a pea brain.
    He has been proved wrong so many times before ans is incapable of making proper judgement calls due to his innate sectarian bias.

  3. He must have seen that analysis on Twatter, you know, that silly billy revolutionary A4 VAR system layered onto an olde tubes tv screen at the wrong angle?..Diddy’s.
    Hair Plugs, fake teeth and a fake staunch laugh, that’s pundit Boydy. What a tool. The Banter years really damaged him.

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