Listen to Kenny Millers Rangers pain as he references Brendan Rodgers Celtic legends

It’s weekends like these that make this job so much easier. When Celtic are dominant and Rangers are struggling, the sheer joy of reading Celtic fans posts on social media and listening to Rangers fans pain on radio shows is magic.

But what it better than listening to Rangers fans pain? Former players. When they are raging. And when they finally admit that what they are watching at Ibrox is nothing compared to what Celtic have achieved over the last ten years.

Especially under Brendan Rodgers.

The Northern Irishman kick started Celtic’s historic Quadruple Treble, and Kenny Miller was in no mood as he stripped down his old clubs shambolic cup record and questioned their mentality compared to Brendan Rodgers’ relentless REAL Invincibles.

You will have to forgive Miller’s ‘slip of the tongue’ when he claims they won their 55th title and that it’s been over ten years since they won a cup, because, well, you know why, but listening to his pain is magic.

Speaking on BBC Sportsound Miller said, “It’s now over 10 years since we’ve won this cup now. So it’s one of them where, he [Goldson] is being honest but not really what we want to hear. But it’s how it looks to them, for me, I think there has been a massive massive come down for us.

“It’s one thing winning one league or a cup, it’s another thing going again. And you touched on it about Brendan’s Celtic team.

“They were relentless. Absolutely relentless.

And it pains me say it but they went and they went again. And it from the outside looking in, it’s actually impressive.

You know how to keep going and not lose a game. And you’re talking about these one off games, where anything can happen, any bit of luck can go against you or a penalty or refereeing decision can impact the game.

And it never.

They still went and they won cops and they won leagues and it’s something that it’s hard to do.”

Poor Kenny. I’m sure I have some Deludamol kicking about to help numb his pain…….

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