Listen to Davie Provan make incredible liquidation claim as Barry Ferguson stays quiet!

There has been many claims been made about the state of *Rangers and whether it is a new club, an old club or a continuation of an old/new or indifferent club.

You know what I mean.

But I genuinely have never heard this one.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, former Celtic midfielder, Davie Provan, made an astonishing claim and revised the whole history of *Rangers liquidation, “The big surprise for me Paul, and I’m certainly no insolvency expert was that Rangers were bought of liquidation.

I think it was for was at five or six million pounds?

“There’s a squad of players, Murray Park and Ibrox Stadium, has to be worth more than that.

“And that was the thing that was astonished me at the time that they were both for such a low number.

There was a notable silence from former Rangers midfielder Barry Ferguson as Davie made this claim but that is quite an astonishing piece of revisionism that went on there unchallenged by host Paul Cooney.

In fact, he agreed with Davie which makes it even an even more incredible ‘theory’.

And Davie is 100% correct. He is no insolvency expert so quite how he is allowed to get away with such a factually incorrect statement is beyond me.

And here is the thing. The one important crux of the matter that annoys not just Celtic fans, but fans across Scotland.

If you want to claim ownership of the name, the titles, the history etc….then take ownership of the debt that was owed.


If you want to carry on claiming the past and the histories of the dead club, be openly held accountable for the millions that was strangled from creditors.

If the they did that from the beginning, I would have no issue with them claiming they are that same club.

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6 thoughts on “Listen to Davie Provan make incredible liquidation claim as Barry Ferguson stays quiet!”

  1. Liquidation is the end. Anything purchased from Liquidation ie Administrators is stripping a carcass. They died with it. Anything else is fantasy to appease an ugly horde.

  2. You could look at his statement in two ways as it’s not clear exactly what he means. Is he saying Rangers were bought on the cheap and prevented from being liquidated? Or is he saying that The Rangers (i.e. the assets of oldco with a new name) were bought out of the liquidation sale of the oldco? Because technically that would be accurate.
    Either way, he’s right about the fact that the value of said assets was much, much more than Chuckles paid for them.

    God I feel sick for agreeing with Provan….

  3. Ranjurs died in 8 mins end of as soon as HMRCrefused their CVA oldco cheato died facts dont lie big huns do.

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